fenugreek medicines

Fenugreek Medicines

Our satisfied clients think highly of the Fenugreek medicines we manufacture following original Ayurveda tradition. Fenugreek medicines are ideal for maintaining body weight effectively. Its antioxidants properties retards aging and help check disease. Fenugreek medicines are beneficial for breast feeding mothers to increase milk supply.

  • The use of FenuGreek in cultural and traditional settings may differ from concepts accepted by current Western medicine
  • When considering the use of herbal supplements, consultation with a primary health care professional is advisable
  • Additionally, consultation with a practitioner trained in the uses of herbal/ health supplements may be beneficial, and coordination of treatment among all health care providers involved may be advantageous
  • The soluble fiber in fenugreek seeds can reduce dietary fat absorption by binding to fatty acids as well as create a sensation of "fullness" and reduced appetite
  • Thus it is a good agent for reducing serum cholesterol
  • Fenugreek seeds are also considered one of the cleansing herbs used on the body to eliminate built up waste materials, toxins and fat from the arteries
  • Fenugreek is also boughtd in anaemia as it contains good amount of vitamin
  • Fenugreek is considered the finest herb for enhancing feminine beauty
  • It also aids in sexual stimulation, balances blood sugar levels, and contains choline which aids the thinking process
  • It has been commonly used for centuries by breastfeeding mothers to increase milk supply
  • Fenugreek has been the focus of several studies concerning the treatment of diabetes and the prevention of breast cancer
  • Its ability to balance hormone levels aids in treating PMS and menopause
  • Its antioxidants slow aging and help prevent disease
  • Fenugreek is a digestive aid
  • As an emollient it is used in poultices for boils, cysts and other complaints
  • Reducing the sugar level of the blood, it is used in diabetes in conjunction with insulin
  • It also lowers blood pressure
  • In the East, beverages are made from the seed to ease stomach trouble
  • The chemical make-up is curiously similar to cod liver oil, for which a decoction of the seed is sometimes used as a substitute
  • Many other properties are ascribed to it in India and the East and not surprisingly include aphrodisiac

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