Poor Erectile Power

Many people all across face this problem. Due to Poor Erectile Power penis won’t get enough erected and strong for intercourse. This leads to complete dissatisfaction in one’s sexual life. The reasons for Poor Erectile Power are anxiety, depression, and a variety of other problems. This problem is caused mainly due to insufficient blood flow to penis. Poor Erectile Power can be once-in-a-lifetime problem, or occur periodically or chronically. Men of any age can suffer this problem.


Most man face the problem of Impotence, which is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection. This problem can be once-in-a-lifetime problem, or occur periodically or chronically.

The main reasons that cause impotence are anxiety, depression, and a variety of other problems. This actually makes the man to question his own sexual prowess. Disease that may cause impotence are diabetes and other factors like worry, over-work and fatigue.

Men face this problem due to insufficient blood flow to penis. Only 100% blood flow helps in achieving and maintaining an erection.

In sexual prowess nutrition plays a major role. Proper intake of Zinc helps in normal sexual functioning. Zinc also helps in sperm production and avoids mental problems. It also helps in proper functioning of prostate.


Any men's sexual peak is reached during the early adulthood and stays active until they reach advanced age. Age can never become an excuse for sexual dysfunction.


Normal sexual functioning cannot be happened without enough testosterone in the body. This problem can be easily treated by medical doctor. Though it is not proven that levels of testosterone will influence the size of penis.

The correlation between blood testosterone levels and sexual activity is a disputed area, since some studies indicate that increased testosterone levels influence sexual behavior, yet some conflicting studies exist on the amount of testosterone required to perform properly.

Alcohol and other substances

Consumption of large quantity of alcohol or certain addictive substance causes in increase in libido, but it also causes in downside of erectile dysfunction.

Consumption of alcohol, addictive substance will cause in achieving erection and reduce the duration of erection and increase the time to ejaculate. Chronic alcoholism and substance abuse may lead to impotence since some studies have shown that the liver is stimulated to produce an enzyme, which destroys testosterone - the male hormone, and the body does not compensate for this loss. It is therefore suggested that a healthy as possible lifestyle be followed if you wish to maximize your sex life.

The most important point to reduce the physiological pressure is to discuss all kinds of sexual problems with your partner. ll also help to lessen any psychological pressure that you may be feeling.

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Some herbal sexual supplements make it sound as if you will overnight get new body parts - but the truth of the matter is that there are no pill or capsule that can change the physiological size overnight.

What our herbal sexual supplement does with great success, is to ensure that you achieve the best erection that is possible, and with this in mind, that the circulation to your penis is optimized to ensure that it would also be the hardest erection.

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Diagnosing Impotence - Five Questions to Ask

Impotent Question 1

What chemicals are you putting in your body?

A host of drugs – legal and illegal - contribute to impotence:

  • Prescription drugs (over 200 medications for a range of chronic health problems)
  • Recreational drugs (opiates, stimulants, psychedelics, nitrous oxide, marijuana)
  • Alcohol - social drinking inflames desire but kills erections
  • Long term alcoholism
  • Destroys testicular cells
  • Lowers testosterone production
  • Increases female hormones
  • Nicotine
  • Research backs up direct cause and effect relationship between smoking and impotence

Impotent Question 2

Do you desire sex with your partner, yourself or anyone?

  • If your desire for sex is low or non-existent
  • You don't fantasize about sex
  • You don't want to masturbate
  • You don't notice attractive women
  • You don't want sex with a partner
  • Impotence is likely to be the result of
  • Low Testosterone – get hormone levels checked
  • Depression – find a med that doesn't affect erections and desire will likely return

Impotent Question 3

Are you getting erections under some conditions but not others?

  • If you have erections firm enough for vaginal insertion but not necessarily hard as a rock
  • By yourself but not with a partner
  • With one partner but not another
  • On vacation but not at home
  • Impotence is very likely not primarily physical but has more to do with your feelings about your potential partners or levels of stress

Impotent Question 4

Do you never get or keep erections under any circumstances?

  • If you get no erections at all
  • Not when sleeping
  • No morning erections
  • Not with partner stimulation
  • Impotence is very likely to be from physical causes or be the result of a medication side effect.

Impotent Question 5

Do you get erections but usually can't maintain them?

Impotence in these circumstances may be either physical or psychological:

Physical Impotence: If you find nothing has changed in your relationship, and you're not under major stress, but your erections come and then fade you may have a physical cause.

One possible reason: Blood is initially getting through to the penis, but then leaking faster than can be replenished.*

Psychological Impotence: If you find erections fail when vaginal insertion is attempted but are fine otherwise, you may have deeper underlying issues.

One possible reason: Intercourse means "commitment" and reflects a fear of being trapped.*

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