premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a major problem that has been faced by many men all across the world. Premature Ejaculation caused in early ejaculation of sperm that result in unsatisfied sexual pleasure for both partners. Premature Ejaculation creates lot of issues in a relationship and may lead to break up. There can be lot of reasons for the cause of Premature Ejaculation. More often than not the problem of Premature Ejaculation is caused by emotional rather than physical imbalance.

Our specially formulated panacea is a sure fire cure for this problem. Himalayan Niagara, which is the ultimate remedy for Premature Ejaculation offered by us is carefully formulated with a combination of rare Himalayan herbs that offer a holistic cure for the physio-emotional problem. We have a huge database of clientele all across who are highly satisfied with the results of our Himalayan Niagra and also recommend our products to various people.

Simple tips to control Premature Ejaculation:

We suggest our customers to used Himalayan Niagara medicine, made by us using natural herbs and following the ancient ayurvedic methods. Our customers have seen excellent results and have suggested to various people. Today we have vast clientele base all across the globe for this medicine.

  1. Stop and start technique : This technique is being used by many people and has seen the results. One should go to the point of maximum arousal during the intercourse and stop just before you are about to finish. Start again after relaxing for some time. This increases your holding power and helps you to last longer in the bed.
  2. Remember to breathe : This is a simple and effective way inorder to control the ejaculation. The technique is to breathe deeply in and out while having sex. This helps in relaxing the body and mind and helps in controlling the ejaculation.
  3. The squeeze technique : Squeezing the tip of the penis just before ejaculation helps in avoiding premature ejaculation. This helps in training your nerves to hold ejaculation for a longer time.
  4. Wear a condom : Condoms are normally used to protect from STD and for family planning. But using condom also decreases the sensation in penis and maximizes the time of ejaculation.
  5. Masturbate first : This is a common technique used by many men to prolong the ejaculation. This technique varies for person to person and depends on individual performance. There is no harm in trying to see the results.
  6. Different sexual positions : : Trying different sexual positions is another option that helps some men in delaying the ejaculation. One should explore their mind and imagine themselves to see the position that suits them the best.

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