Dr. M. S. Rama M.D, England

Sir, I would like to assure you that I have had excellent results with your formulas. We as doctors know that your products are carefully manufactured and have proven to be very effective.
"The good work."

Dr. Pilar, Madrid, Spain

"Just now I have completed the full view of your site, it's beautiful and informative. About the products also the combination seems quite effective, as they have been prepared keeping in consideration the predominance of the Doshas and Dhatus. Keep up the good work."

James Ditton, Mexico

I had purchased KING COBRA during my last visit to New York and used the product. The product has given me an astounding and made very very confident. I want to purchase King Cobra Cap directly from you. Please clarify the following:

  • Have you any distributor in Mexico?
  • Do you accept credit card payment?
  • Await your reply.

Paul, South Africa

"I am so happy that someone is producing Ayurvedic medicines according to the traditional methods of the Charaka Samhita. Ayurveda Ayurvedic alternative herbal medicines. Traditional classical remedies using Ayurvedic and western herbs for Men's and Women's health."

Steven, G Germany

"I am very pleased with the oils. The Massage oil seem to give good results and the pricing is very fair".

Ramulu, UK

Hi Sir,
I have just now called you, from afg and I want to let you know that your product is simply superb!!!! .

One of my friend is using here is afg, my friend got good results, so I want to use your product also, so please can you send that product to my address. My brother will deposit to your account and please can you send your account details, before one month i got the account details when I visited the sriramherbals site, but now i don't that in my mail, may be deleted, so please can you send again details of your account, and one request is don't mention any product details on parcel box, thanks for that.

And can you send how to use the product, and any dieting I have to do when that one using? please let me know.


Dear Sir,
I used your product 'King Cobra' and got desired result. Now I want to try for 'Himalayan Niagra' for full course. Would you please let me know the cost of it? Do you also have 'Cash on delivery' facility like flipcart? I sent a sms to you last night regarding this. Kindly guide me.

M/s Sam Sales Corporation (India)

I wish to inform you that I am 70 years old and for quite some time I am afflicted with leg pains.
I have applied a variety of oils with no relief.
For the last 3 m onths however, I have been using your Nagaehampa Massage Oil and happy to state that this oil brings me complete relief when applied to the affected area.
I me very satisfied with this medication.

W.A.D. Viraj Chinthaka Lakmal

I really satisfy with the KingCobra medicine. still one month to finish the couse. but good results.
Have you got any product for delay (Delay up to about 45 Minutes).
I might go for another Course of king Kobra


How are you?Hope you doing fine and hope you still remember me I'm walid long time ago i bought from you (Kingcobra ) and i do belive it worked now i need to place another order for my friend.So kindly send me the price list plus shipping and handling and please send it by DHL as you may remember that the last time you shipped it by UPS we had hard time to collect it from the customs.


my names are faustin u. from trichy. Last year I purchased liver care medicines from you. They really helped me and I appreciated your products. Now I want to purchase again more 6 bottles and want to ask if the discount will be given. If it is possible you can send me the total amount to pay including the discount.

Navdeep Singh

Dear Sir,
This is to state that I like to order the Himalayan Niagra and King Cobra course medicine . Earlier too , I have ordered twice from your company and I am satisfied with results . Presently , I am staying in United Kingdom .Will you please let me know how can I order and make payment and get delivered here. I shall be thankful to you if you reply me and accept my order .

Dr.C.Dayakar M.B.B.S, D.Ch

I have tried Glucocare medicines of Sri Ram Herbals on two Adult type Diabetis Mellitus patients one aged 40 years & the other 42 years.
The 1st one is a newly diagonised case with Fasting Blood sugar level of 142mgs & Post Prandial level 256mgs/dl.He was not being put on any Allopathic preparations to control his condition. Being a new case I tried purely on Glucocare medicines of Sri Ram Herbals.
I advised to use Glucocare 2capsules 30 mts before breakfast & and 2 capsules before lunch.I was monitoring and constantly watching his blood sugar levels.
After 10 days, to the patient's as well as to my satisfaction , the blood sugar levels came down with in normal limits with Fasting level level being 92mgs & post prandial being 124mgs and still continues to be under control and the patient is continuing the medication as being advised.
The patient is satisfied with Glucocare as he is feeling comfortable,active & satisfied with the response.
The 2nd case was an established Type 2 NIDDM for many years and he was also being put on Glucocare 2caps before breakfast & 2 before dinner, After 10 days he could reduce the Daonil & Metformin which he was using for long.This case has to be monitored & reviewd after some more time before giving more information. I feel Glucocare is showing results.

James Zimbabwe

Dear Sir,
Can you please send me price for Nagachampa massage oil and Ashwagandha medicines. How Long do I need to take this medicines for results to start showing?
I had bought Himalaya Niagra and King Cobra and I am happy with the results. Will I need to continue taking more once my 3 Month course is finished?

Najuna Alexander

I got drugs from you last month and they have done some recomemndable work for me. I had onlybtaken for one month but would like to buy for another month. Am currently in Uganda. Please tell me how i can recieve one bottle of King Cobra and Naigara.
Also tell me how much and how i can send the money. Waiting for you respense. You can read the below communication we made when i was still in India. I will be back in India in May

Dr.Kumuda Reddy, M.D.

Dear Arun,
I would like to give the feedback of using SRIRAM HERBALS GLUCO CARE on my patients.I am enclosing the feedback .
The first patient, aged 62, weighing about 130kg, severe diabetes and hypertension was on insulin, 20 units in the morning and evening. He was having fasting blood sugar around 300-350 and blood pressure of 195/110. Started glucocare on April 1st, three tablets before breakfast, lunch and dinner for a total of 9 tablets. Also started Slimcare for weight loss and changed the blood pressure medication. With strict guidelines of diet to help with the sugar control as well as weight loss. On 5th April, the fasting and postprandial were 193 and 249. On 6th April 180 and 229. On 6th April he lost about 2kg weight, the blood pressure has also been coming down. On 8th April the blood pressure was 145/89. The fs and pp were 178 and 210. On 10th April, 180 and 207. The blood pressure 132/78. 14th April, 173 and 211. Was maintaining around 180 for fs. As of 24th April, 166 and 200. I have increased the glucocare by one more tablet morning and evening to bring more stability. The patient is happy that he has made good progress and he is also feeling more healthy and stable.

Dr. N. Balakrishnan


Dr. M.S. Ramakrishnan,M.B.B.S,DPEC,MRC (PSYCH)


Dr.N. Shanmugam, M.B.B.S, D.A.T,D.M.T,D.H.M


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